Animator Mama

This is the routine now, going on nearly a month: Nova and I have morning playtime, and at some point she points to the laptop and says, “Yag-GOH, yag-GOH!” What she’s referring to is THIS SONG, “Black Gold” by Esperanza Spalding, featuring Algebra Blessett.

We’ll sit together and watch it, and she’s so into it every time, clapping along, singing, and even saying some of the words along with the opening skit (“con-tin-ent!”). Then we’ll watch one more time. (And then I steer her someplace else, because that’s already way too much screen time for a 21-month-old).

But how happy it makes me that she wants to watch it over and over, pointing at the beautiful woman with a ‘fro like hers, the musicians and the crowd, saying “Yag-GOH, yag-GOH!”